Heyyyyy, it’s a dragon art trade! Sparrow for Toni, my companion in dragon hell.

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Dragon hell never ends.
Deimos n Noonchai hell yes. 

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send help I’ve been trapped in dragon hell
But look Female Spirals wear the wizard hat the best like just look at Gneiss the noodle wizard wow what a dork

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here u go rikuru

sassy scraggy just like u like him

PERF 10/10

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REBLOGGED bakaunagi 1 month ago (ORIGINALLY bakaunagi)

I’ve been loving those pallet challenge pictures that have been going around lately and decided to do them on my own time I guess?? (Also been watching a lot of south park lately so there you go)

He probably learned something today.

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a year ago i drew your skello mage, and i think its time to relive the story of these old bones. expect more~ (if thats okay with you)

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So I finally got my hands on the Stick of Truth game (TEN OUTTA TEN WOULD PLAY AGAIN)
 Decided to draw my King Douchebag the Thief and his Sweet flaming katana

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Every so often I forget what brushes I and I just gotta go through all of em

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I am a professional animator

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