New Album - Donkey Kong Country 2 Symphonic Suite!

Hello all! I thought you might like to know that I’ve released an album today. It is an orchestral tribute to Donkey Kong Country 2’s classic David Wise score. It is available on Loudr for only $5, so check it out!

I’ve uploaded a full track onto SoundCloud so you can get a better idea of what you’re in for. Please enjoy!

Hey everybody, check out THESE SWEET TUNES! You guys like Donkey Kong, don’t cha? Yeah you do.

(ps Marina and I did the cover art thumbs up!)

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REBLOGGED rosettimusic 2 days ago (ORIGINALLY rosettimusic)

YES I have figured out the ways of texturing! HUZZAH
Unfortunately my little laptop doesn’t have the same capacity for rendering like the school computers do, so no fancy light refraction n fancy Vray effects for me.

Next step, full body. Hell yea

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that juice looking good as hell

consume digital juice

obtain its powers

Eeeh the refraction of light *u* looks so good!

Thank you! ´ ▽ ` The refraction settings was real fun to mess with.

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College kicked the shit outta me this last month or so and it still kinda is but I’m so close to spring break just like one more week

I am very happy with them

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i’m doing it mom i’m making it happen

I have like the most basic grasp on how Maya works? I can make shapes and put them together.
so I’m gonna make a robot.

I’m gonna do it.

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ey bruh these gators right here are the spurrs to my boots if ya know what i mean. Good Job Parnder!
dubtitled ASKED

thanks bruh

ps i would advise against using gators for boot spurs
they will bite your legs
and majority of your torso

He’s got macaroni mouth


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More gator

Orange gator

Citrus gator


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fun fact i really love reptiles


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